That is meant for us as a selection of well suited manufacturers and suppliers by using verified methods in order to contribute to the success of our clients. With those methods we concentrate to different parameters and assessments. So, we strive for co-operations with manufacturers and suppliers that should meet following requirements: 

  • experience of world wide exports
  • high degree on reliability
  • flexibility and innovation
  • observance of regulations and quality standards
  • observance of invironmental standards
  • observance of social and sociological standards
  • top economic financial ratios

In poor Asian countries, nowadays often wages are paid in an inhuman way. Our philosohie is it to prevent from co-operating with such Asian companies, that pay starvation wages or that disobey environmental regulations and neglect working conditions by missing understanding or even by acting wilfully.

By practising our supplier-management in China, Taiwan, Singapor or Japan we have permanently been able to achieve an optimation of our selection criteria last but not least by utilization of our experience lasting for years.

When producing in China, reasonable costs of production can be achieved without jeopedizing demands on quality for our clients. In our opinion, only few of Chinese manufacturers/ suppliers can fulfil those requirements optimally. Picking out those companies for our clients from a huge number of suppliers it is exactly our aim.

Apart from our contacts to suppliers we associate with different agencies in Asia. Those agencies render assistance regarding our permant search for suitable manufacturers and suppliers of well-tried products as well as of products in accordance with state-of-the-art. Owing to that local access to market we do have an advantage regarding to be more flexible to changing market situations.

Within implementation of projects for procurement our agency can revert to addional services of German-Chinese Consulting companies such as in case of:

  • handling of agreements between Chinese supplieres and European clients
  • quality assurance of Chinese products as well as
  • legal advice and tax consultancy.