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Industrial products from Asia/ China - prompt, reliable and with reasonable prices!

By offering our service to such companies who want to or have to strive for benefit in purchasing of several industrial products from Asia/ China, at the same time we give an opportunity for sourcing particular suppliers economically and efficiently. From the start to the end of your purchasing procedure we render you service.

Our relationship with manufacturers comprise those with electronically industrial products, electromechanical industrial components, supplier of rare metals to be processed up as well as producers of articles of daily use. We are at your disposal for any of your particular search for other manufacturers, as well.

When purchasing in China, not only price should be looked at for achiving high efficiency. The manufacturer or supplier in its entirety as business partner has to be considered, as well. That can be achieved by qualifying suppliers recpectively by audits of suppliers and last but not least by involving experiences long lasting. For doing this, it is essential to have comprehensive and extensive knowledge of markets at one´s disposal. Only in this way you can derive economical an sustainable benefit from purchase in Asia/ China.

Side by side with right partners we can offer you a benefit of purchase for industrial products and can so render assistance regarding your efficient project´s realization.

So, you will save time, resources and money!

Lern more About Us, our Business Practice and Your Benefits.

About Us - how to support you at purchasing in Asia/ China!

We combine economic knowledge with engineering abilities with longstanding experience concerning procurement in China. Apart from that, knowledge of culture, Asian business habits and good command of local language contribute to succeed in doing business, as well. So, we aim at your economical benefit when purchasing in China or other Asian markets.

For many years, we have been associating business contacts to manufacturers and suppliers acting in diferent lines of industrial branches. Based on numerous exchanges of views and audits on-site, today we co-operate with partners who are familiar with European procurement, utilization of recourses, production, quality control with certification, export activities and after sales service. 

We as Asia-Europe Agency would like to liaise those business contacts or search for new ones, promote a main contract between Asian suppliers and European customers and offer to control entire project management between partners.

Your are invited to use our know-how relating to sourcing of Asian partners in order to remain competitively.


Even today, a big quantity of goods to be bourght in Europe has been produced in China. In most of cases the challenge is it to select the „right producer“ for your success out of a multitud of manufacturers or suppliers efficently and without spending much money.

The mark of quality „Made in Germany“ today is no guarantor any more for a product produced in Germany exclusively.
A big portion of value-added chain might can be realized in other countries. What performances have been done where in this chain, it is difficult to find out (as of 1st quarter/2014). With our arrangments of manufacturers and suppliers we even today set great store by transparency to Asian manufacturers and suppliers.

Business Practice - our sourcing`s way of suppliers!

With our services in arranging business contacts we search for the optimal manufacturer/ supplier relating to your project. After that, we request an offer from that company and pass it to local customer on. When you place order then we deliver up all data necessary and promote conclusion of main contract between customer and Asian manufacturer/ supplier.

A glance at our business practice:

 our business practice



Our services will be manly bankrolled by our Asian partner´s commission or by remuneration to be charged to our customers. In that case, all services and details will be agreed upon with customer in a separate service contract.

Please, see also our General Terms & Conditions.

Your Benefits - in this way you derive benefits from our services!

By arranging business contacts we give you an edge for competition that will retain your competitiveness in future.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • swift approach of markets in Asia/ China ( supported by our Asian partnerships)
  • reasonable resources of rare metals in Asia
  • lower costs of production and labour in Asia than on domestic market
  • reducing of costs by our service (no reseller with high trade margin)
  • verification of supplieres with good price-performance ratio relating to project
  • saving of labour costs in your procurement department

Your direct contact


Telefon: +49 (0)37291-185430/ -16027

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