By offering our service to such companies who want to or have to strive for benefit in purchasing of several industrial products from Asia/ China, at the same time we give an opportunity for sourcing particular suppliers economically and efficiently. From the start to the end of your purchasing procedure we render you service.

Our relationship with manufacturers comprise those with electronically industrial products, electromechanical industrial components, supplier of rare metals to be processed up as well as producers of articles of daily use. We are at your disposal for any of your particular search for other manufacturers, as well.

When purchasing in China, not only price should be looked at for achiving high efficiency. The manufacturer or supplier in its entirety as business partner has to be considered, as well. That can be achieved by qualifying suppliers recpectively by audits of suppliers and last but not least by involving experiences long lasting. For doing this, it is essential to have comprehensive and extensive knowledge of markets at one´s disposal. Only in this way you can derive economical an sustainable benefit from purchase in Asia/ China.

Side by side with right partners we can offer you a benefit of purchase for industrial products and can so render assistance regarding your efficient project´s realization.

So, you will save time, resources and money!

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